THEROS 2nd Plenary meeting took place, in a hybrid mode, between 29th to 30th of May 2024, in Nicosia, Cyprus and via MS Teams online platform.

The first day commenced with a comprehensive update from the THEROS coordinator, providing insights into the project’s progress during its first 18 months. The sessions covered diverse aspects, including THEROS monitoring, adulteration detection, and traceability components, as well as on user-centric tools, models for enhanced transparency, verification, interoperability, and green accountability, on THEROS pilot demonstrations and the THEROS high impact creation and sustainability. The day concluded with a presentation on risk management and mitigation planning.

The second day started with an overview of the technical management monitoring and included demos on technical solutions as well as two workshops, on deployment scenarios and integration aspects.

Participants delved into hands-on discussions, during these three collaborative sessions, to decide the way forward.