The 91st International Agricultural Fair took place between 18-23 of May 2024, in Novi Sad Serbia.

The Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad has been attracting individuals, business, business, and political delegations for more than nine decades and creates a creative environment for new ventures.

At the Novi Sad Fair, the latest technical and technological achievements in agriculture, the application of science in agriculture, exhibitions of organic food, as well as those with designations of geographical origin, the richness of the domestic gene pool, the most modern agricultural machinery, products, and services from the most remote corners of the world were simultaneously presented.

At the same time, the most current topics in the field of agriculture were discussed through expert meetings, round tables, education, and presentations, with a special focus on improving knowledge and examples of good practice. Business gatherings included meetings with economic, scientific, and political delegations, as well as direct meetings of businessmen from all over the world.

THEROS was represented and being presented by OCS & Univerexport DOO partners, both delivering a corresponding presentation and by showcasing THEROS dissemination material in the OCS booth.

The delivered presentation is available here.

Two press releases were also produced by the aforementioned partners in the  local media. You may find theme here.